The Reckoning

The final in the Odyssey trilogy sees Daniel's final epic battle. Who will remain standing and will Daniel finally get the answers he's been searching for?
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My Story

Dominic joined the Royal Navy at 16 and he went on to a further career in sonar anti-submarine warfare. Dominic has an enduring love of the sea and many of the mysteries that surround the oceans are reflected in his tales.

Following his Naval Service, he retrained as a carpenter joiner subsequently found employment with the Bristol Old Vic Theatre Royal and after 5 years of scene building he decided to set up his own company manufacturing film & photographic room sets.

After working for some years abroad with a well-known leisure company creating artificial rock and permanent scenery he then decided in his spare time to begin writing and has completed 4 novels to date.

He currently owns and runs 2 very successful businesses but still finds time at his desk, not only writing new books but also revisiting and reworking manuscripts previously written and discarded.

Dominic’s inspiration for writing came from the need to build characters and form the story from a jigsaw of ideas and an interest in the spirit and supernatural world. His knowledge of life comes from his experiences, including commanding the helm of warships, flying light aircraft and being part of the Mendips cave rescue team. All of this brings with it a vast wealth of knowledge and experience of the human condition.

The Odyssey of Daniel Bonner

Would you sell your soul to the Devil? Daniel’s actions as a child set him on a path that brings him face to face with unearthly horrors.

At 15 Daniel unwittingly sells his soul and becomes a pawn for the Chancellor, however, a moment of philanthropy sees Daniel change his course and puts him in the way of a vengeful evil, set on destroying him and all he loves.

Hell is unleashed and vile creatures seek to return Daniel’s soul to hell – at all costs.

A paranormal story of love, friendship and trust. Daniel is forced to face horrors unimaginable whilst making new friends and protecting the woman he loves heart and soul.

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Hall of Souls

Part 2 of The Odyssey Trilogy

The Brotherhood is seemingly disbanded, lost to the different dimensions and Bryony Carter faces parenthood alone. Determined to fulfil her promise made over Daniel’s grave she tries to ensure that Mark Bonner walks strong, tall and unafraid in the living world. But the underworld never sleeps and deep in the Library Of Time the Devil, unconvinced of the Brotherhood’s demise, brings cohorts from the oceans deep in the first of many attempts to flush out the true whereabouts of Daniel Bonner. It becomes a deadly game in realms of the unknown and thunder of disquiet rumbles high in the Hall Of Souls. The thrilling sequel to The Odyssey of Daniel Bonner

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Runner of the Dukeing Days

One of the most harrowing episodes in the history of the West Country began on June 11, 1685, when Charles II’s illegitimate son, the Duke of Monmouth sailed into Lyme Regis harbour with 81 hopeful followers. This period of loyalty to the Duke later became known as ‘The Duking Days’.

Based on true accounts of the battle this story tells of lies and deceit, love and loss. Of course, as with all Dominic Buffery stories this does not end in our world but continues into the next.

Thomas Monday was born to run and no matter what realm he’s in he will run to survive.

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