Ghost Writing

Writing memoirs for some may be very cathartic but for others finding ways to tell your story may not come easy.

Ghostwriters work in different ways, as this is a personal journey for you, it’s key that you find someone you can trust, engage with and be prepared to bare your soul to.

We are very careful about who we choose to write for, and need to know that we can give you the very best story in the right time-frame.

We are not here to judge or damn anyone for their story, if we don’t feel that it’s a story we can help with we will tell you up-front.

We will schedule face to face meetings with you wherever possible but can also work via Skype or the telephone. We will conduct many interviews with you, all recorded so that we can return to conversations as and when needed.

You will have complete control over the content although we will advise if we believe something is crucial to the story. This is about you having the opportunity to tell your story, so be prepared for lots of talking and many questions!

It’s worth remembering that whilst it’s something very special and personal to you,  a professional writer pays bills by writing. If you don’t have the budget, you won’t get a professional writer to write your book. This is an investment, it is not something that will be cheap (and if it is you may not get the book you desire) and you may not get the financial return on the investment. If you are a business person, then it will be worth considering as part of your marketing budget.

The most important thing is that your book is written well and reads in your voice. This is something that we pride ourselves on and have a proven track-record in.

Please contact us to discuss writing your book.