Extraordinary, The Search For A Life Worth Living

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My Story

In his early twenties, Stephen received a 17-year sentence as a “category A prisoner” serving 12 years in prison being labelled one of the UK’s most dangerous prisoners. Stephen’s life path was dark, rough, and torturous.

Today, Stephen is a serial international entrepreneur and the co-founder of multi award-winning international media, branding and film/TV company Roar Media Creative Studios.

Moat Hill Hall

Delve into the harrowing true story of a man who was entrenched in London’s criminal underworld, a tale as much about redemption as it is about crime. Born amidst Northern Ireland’s violent conflict, his earliest memory – witnessing a young man’s brutal demise – set the stage for a life entwined with the lawless. From grim children’s homes to the notorious ranks of crime gangs, his quest for belonging led him down a path marked by danger and betrayal.

His life took a perilous turn during a failed armed robbery, culminating in him shooting at a police officer and 15 years as a Category A prisoner. Among infamous inmates like Charles Bronson, his resilience was tested in the darkest recesses of the human mind. Yet, it was within these walls that the seeds of an extraordinary transformation were sown.

Now recognised as an international peace prize winner, a successful entrepreneur, and a charity worker, his life stands as a profound journey from the depths of criminality to the heights of humanitarian achievement. His story is not just a chronicle of resilience and strength but an inspiring testament to the human spirit’s capacity to change. Will his path to redemption inspire you to believe in second chances?

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