Giving It All Away

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In this tell-all book, David reveals exactly what it takes to be a successful songwriter and producer, the life of an ex-pat in LA and just how crazy that life can be.

Moat Hill Hall

David’s journey reads like a film script: a near-death experience at the age of nine, drummer in his own band at the age of 14, discovering international singer Leo Sayer, co-writing and producing many of his hits, a 37-year friendship with pop star and actor Adam Faith, a menacing encounter with the mafia, and the mysterious death of his former Venezuelan wife.
David takes you behind the scenes of Abbey Road and Top of the Pops and shows the highs and lows of the music industry.
David Courtney is the man behind the success of Leo Sayer and co-wrote many of his international hit records, including: ‘The Show Must Go On‘ ‘One Man Band‘ ‘Giving It All Away‘ & and ‘Long Tall Glasses‘. He also wrote ‘Shooting Star’ and ‘Who were you with in the moonlight’ for UK Pop duo ‘Dollar’ and co-writer with Stephen Kalinich of the Odyssey hit ‘Magic Touch‘.

David is also the Founder of the Walk of Fame cultural attractions in the UK which follows in the tradition of its famous ‘Hollywood’ predecessor.

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