Submission Guidelines

Please ensure that your submission contains both a covering letter and your manuscript. The cover letter should consist of the title, description of the work, and author bio. Submissions without a description of the work and/or an author bio will not be read.

Please print your manuscript on A4 paper and one sided. Please use ariel font at size 12 and double space; leave ample margins. Proofread. If we accept the manuscript, then we will ask for a digital copy for publication, but not before. Our editors do not read manuscripts from electronic formats, including e-mail. The first submission must be paper copy.

If you have previously been published please list the titles.

Please also include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with sufficient postage for the return of the manuscript — in case we do not accept it.  Please ensure to use a valid postal or email address to enable us to send you a reply. We will always contact you whether we decide to accept your manuscript or not and will always provide constructive feedback.

If other publishers are also considering your manuscript, then please let us know. Do not submit more than one manuscript at a time unless we have solicited your work.

IMPORTANT (This may provide an advantage over other submissions): If you have access to special markets, audiences, or promotional opportunities for your book, then please tell us in your covering letter.

Please note – whilst we will accept submissions, we will not publish any manuscript that has not been professionally edited, proofread and formatted. Whilst we do not expect all submissions to have been through this process, there will be costs associated with this, if we agree to publish the work, that the author will be liable for. For details of costs please refer to our services provided by our sister company FCM Publishing.

Please note, we are not currently accepting submissions due to capacity.


  • Covering letter
  • A4 Printed
  • Double space size 12 Ariel font
  • Large margins
  • Proofread
  • SASE

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We wish you every success.

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