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Tony Robinson OBE is the Micro-Business champion. Having fought against inequality and legislation in parliament for the last two decades, Tony understands what it means to create, run and continue running a successful business. Many of today’s guidelines focus on SMEs and not micro-businesses (0-9 employees) and the challenges facing these business owners are far different.

This two-year project, to create the new “Small is Beautiful” blends together Tony’s life story, including his time as CEO of AmwayUk with his and Taryn’s business advice. The book also contains interviews with top UK business minds including Brad Burton, Mike Winnet and Tim Campbell MBE. If you want to know the hows and whys of running a business then you should pick up this book.

Following the Corona Virus Tony has campaigned for help for the #ExcludedUK to get financial support for those who have received nothing. Coming soon, a UK tour to support those affected.


The Happipreneur

On fake business advice, Brad Burton says “The problem of selling yourself out for money, is that the selling out lasts forever but the money doesn’t.

On being successful in business Mike Winnet says “The people that are genuine;y successful now have put in years and years of hard work; they’ve had failures as well as successes. These are the people that understand business and like Tony, are the ones to learn from.