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Michael Ward lives in York with his wife Beverley and their two elderly cocker spaniels, Ruby and Millie.
Born and raised in Leeds, Michael has led a fulfilling career as a draughtsman and quantity surveyor in the structural steelwork sector of construction. Concurrently with this Michael worked for Leeds United on a matchday basis for 18 years, starting as a steward supervisor and rising to assistant safety officer.
After completing a degree in business management and then a masters degree in construction law and dispute resolution, both of which entailed the writing of a lengthy dissertation, Michael found his love for writing. That, encompassed with his keen interest in extraterrestrial life and the idea of aliens walking amongst us, brought the Visioner story to light.




An enthralling story of discovery, friendship, and adventure, Visioner tells the tale of heart-wrenching family history from WW2 while highlighting environmental issues and moral values of honesty, trust and true friendship in this out-of-this-world sci-fi debut.

Ideal for readers of Michael Grant and Ross Wellford.

Seventeen-year-old Peter has started to notice a ghostly orb hanging around in his bedroom, but the orb isn’t a spirit. It’s a Visioner. An advanced communication device from another planet.

When Clix, the alien ambassador in charge of the orb communicates with Peter, he discovers that they’ve been watching Peter and his girlfriend Julie for years.

And they are in danger.

A rogue alien race is scouring Earth, looking for suitable female gene donors to strengthen their weakening race, and when Peter unexpectedly comes across another Visioner, a blue orb, Clix warns that it belongs to the very aliens they are in danger of being abducted by. Then they learn that two more girls have been taken – Julie’s sister and her friend.

With the help of Clix and the Visioner, Peter and Julie set off on an adventure against time to find and free them before their genes are harvested. Can they save them, or even with the help of the Visioner, will they be too late?

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