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karen ferguson

All Fall Down

By Jay Fortune

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karen ferguson

My Life With A Sociopath

By Karen Ferguson

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Paul Kelly Author

Poison Arrow

By Paul Kelly

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Ray Star

Earthlings – The Beginning

By Ray Star

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Steven Robinson

No Arm In Trying

By Steven Robinson

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Paul Kelly Author

The Amazing Life of Cecilia Chattergee

By Bernie Morgan

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My Life With A Sociopath

It started with a comment on social media, actually that’s not true, it had started long before then, but that comment led to a message, which led to several calls and ended with him driving his car into my house.

All Fall Down

Michael Hegessay, proud father, loving husband and pillar of the community is the first Floater. Without explanation a mysterious force takes him to the sky, leaving him hovering above his house. In his hand, his briefcase containing a dirty secret that could bring his world crashing down.

Poison Arrow

If World War three is fought with nuclear weapons… World War Four will be fought with bows and arrows. If you’re a lover of satirical humour, then this is for you.

Earthlings - The Beginning

Within Peridot’s grasp is the chance to save the world, and earth knows, the world needs saving…

Inside My Ed

Zoe Burnett’s true and harrowing story. It’s a hard look at the truth and horror of living with an eating disorder when to the outside you’re “too fat to be anorexic”.

No Arm In Trying

39 years ago, Steven’s life changed beyond recognition.

An accident caused him to lose his right arm, setting him on a path of ingenuity, courage and determination.

Now, a motivational speaker, Steven looks back over his life at the challenges he’s overcome and the amazing moments that have shaped his future.

Kerrymore Road

The solid red-brick exteriors of Kerrymore Road belie the bustle of the lives within… toddlers’ tantrums, teenage rebellion, blossoming friendships and turbulent relationships… with the occasional murder thrown in for good measure.

Bob Champion

Jockey and winner of the Grand National in 1981. Of course there’s far more to him than that.

At the height of his career Bob was diagnosed with testicular cancer and given just 8 months to live….

Bernie Morgan

Cecilia Chattergee (1876-1947) was a woman who defied convention. She was a lawyer in India, at a time when women didn’t have careers.  She endured unimaginable trauma and tragedy, yet never lost sight of her ambitions.

Paul Kelly

If you thought your day job was bad, just wait until you see Jim’s “To Do” list!

Graham Hey

‘Confessions of an Invisible Man’ Graham’s second novel takes a humorous perspective on how you might behave if you were invisible for 7 days. 

The Happipreneur - Why #MicroBizMatters?

Two years in the making sees the release of this generation’s “Small is Beautiful”. Micro-Business Champion Tony Robinson OBE’s biography and lessons from the world of micro-enterprise.

Surviving The War Against Yourself

Love, fear and psychosis: there are two sides to every story, here, Tom & Amber share theirs.


Generations of Blackwells have farmed this land, but its isolation has protected it from the political unrest suffered by much of England at this time. 

A M Richardson

Orbs and the Attack of the Hair Spiders begins a fantastic journey full of magic, strange beasts, family and friendship. Brickabrack is a town terrified by strange disappearances and grisly murders. Could its salvage come from a chance encounter between the ancient forest gnome,

Graham Hey

If you’re a lovers of the 80’s then it’s time to settle back with you legwarmers in this hilarious romcom.

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Whilst we are a traditional independent publishing company, we still maintain that copyright for the manuscript belongs with the author. This is just one of the ways we differ from many of the bigger publishing houses, we also have a much more favourable royalty split for our authors.

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Ray Star

Working with Chronos Publishing has been a dream come true for me, it’s opened so many doors that were previously closed as a self-published author. Taryn has been so supportive in all aspects of my writing career from proofreading and finding many a missed comma, to championing the Earthlings tale far and wide and sharing her extensive knowledge of the industry with me. Prior to signing my contract my debut novel was unknown, and would most likely have remained that way, within 6 months of working with Taryn my novel has won 2 awards, I’ve had multiple event and book signing opportunities, and Earthlings is finally getting the readers and reviews I’d always hoped for. I would recommend Taryn as both a super-woman of a publisher and an incredibly supportive mentor. Thank you for everything Taryn, the sky’s the limit.


”I’ve been working with Taryn for what must be 7 years now, and she has constantly provided me with fantastic opportunities to work with numerous authors during that time. She is always fantastic as an intermediary between the writer and artist, allowing the ideas from the author to be translated as clearly as possible in helping me create the design or artwork that suits their needs. The proof of Taryn’s quality as a publisher is reflected in her extensive client list, which attracts authors from all walks of life and professions who trust her to help bring their stories and lessons to a whole new audience. When I finally get around to writing a book of my own, Taryn will definitely be who I turn to to help make that a reality!”

Paul Kelly

Entering into the world of publishing can be quite daunting for a new writer. My experience has been a very positive one thanks mainly to my publisher Taryn Johnston at Chronos Publishing. From the moment I first submitted my debut novel Jim Reaper to her I was very impressed by not only her professionalism, but by her guidance throughout every step of my whole journey, from original manuscript to finished artwork for the jacket cover. Her subsequent work on my second novel Poison Arrow has been outstanding. For any new authors, you could not wish for a better publisher, whose wisdom is secondary only to her patience.

Paul Kelly


It’s a scary time for writers when we hand over a manuscript to a publisher. Will our work be enhanced or diminished? Having worked with Taryn for many years I have no fears about the superbly professional and reader-friendly end product. Taryn and her team are a pleasure to work with.  They work at warp speed but their attention to detail is forensic.  Every aspect of the publishing process and marketing is of the highest quality. Taryn’s clients benefit from her owning and running three media-related companies. These companies and teams of freelancers complement each other and Taryn is a highly talented writer and digital marketer in her own right. I love our collaborations and hope they continue for many years.

Tony Robinson OBE

Alex McLoughlin

I’m pretty sure my first novel would never have been published without Taryn’s help. From our first conversation, she encouraged me to make the story the best it could be. Her support and advice has been invaluable.

Taryn is quick to see potential, but she also knows instinctively when something doesn’t work. Reading through tricky parts of the manuscript and hearing her thoughts, let me improve the writing and allow the story to flow. She is an excellent critic with an eye for details – especially the ones you hoped nobody would notice!

Sometimes brutally honest, but always constructive, Taryn has urged me to keep going and strive to be a better writer. She is funny, as well as supportive, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the industry. I am hugely grateful for everything she does and so glad she agreed to take me on.

– Alex McLoughlin

Graham Hey

Taryn is the perfect publisher to work with. Not only is she experienced in all aspects of publishing, but she instinctively knows when something is not right and can be done better. And I’m sure she doesn’t lose many arguments. However, I liked Taryn from the first time I spoke to her because she is supportive, enthusiastic, funny and she says it like it is – which is what authors really need, I think.


Taryn believes in the art of factual storytelling of feats of human endeavour from one’s mind to the page. As a writer still awaiting my first recognised credit, she identified with my ambition and offered me a platform to help launch my career in the arts. As a result of growing up with Cerebral Palsy in a relatively mainstream environment, I thought my life story was somewhat unique and I’d worked on a book for seven years attempting to collate what I wanted to say into a 100 page book. Yet it was only when working with Taryn that I realised the true discipline of writing and she was able to help me transform a story I knew well into a universal tale of a guy defying the odds to excel in his chosen profession. Thank you Chronos Publishing!

Josh Barry – Adapted

I asked Taryn to help me create my autobiography, without her and her team it would not have been the true, emotional account of the life I have been lucky to lead..

– Bob Champion – I’m Champion, Call Me Bob

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