My Life With A Sociopath

It Can Happen To Anyone
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My Story

Karen Ferguson is a Women’s Confidence Coach, a Global Mission Ambassador for Stand Up Survivor, a Mo2vate Magazine Inspirational Woman 2022 Winner, is currently working on her first novel and will be a co-author of a book called In The Midst of Chaos which is due to be released in October 2022.



My Life With A Sociopath

It started with a comment on social media, actually that’s not true, it had started long before then, but that comment led to a message, which led to several calls and ended with him driving his car into my house.

Through the use of genuine text messages, I’ve opened up my life to show what I went through in the last two years, with an aggressive, lying, stealing, borderline alcoholic, sociopathic husband.

My Life With A Sociopath is an important read, to show that this really can happen to anyone, to educate people on the signs to look for, what you can do to protect yourself and how to find the strength to end this type of relationship.

My Life with a Sociopath gives you access to the raw, unedited messages between me and my husband, which together with my honest commentary, provides an insight into psychological abuse. I hope that it may help those who find themselves in a similar situation and will be a voice for those who may have lost theirs.

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