Moat Hill Hall

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L K Pang is an artist and a former architect. Born in Kent, she has moved around the country and now lives near Harrogate with her husband and three children.

Her love of gothic stories and years visiting stately homes in the Yorkshire countryside translates into her debut novel, Moat Hill Hall.


Moat Hill Hall

Love was not something I was in search of. Love found me. A love that grew like a weed, unwanted but prolifically consuming. Moat Hill, with all its past grandeur, was drenched in sadness. Scrape the crumbling plaster away from its walls and you’ll find secrets creeping beneath its surface. And the Hall’s master, Mr Evans, my client, would be the catalyst of the grief I feel today.

Architect Rosie Rudley’s ambitious desire to further her career unexpectedly changes her life.

Arriving at Moat Hill Hall for the first time, she discovers there are secrets preventing her from accomplishing the job. Mr Ralph Evans, her enigmatic client, is uncooperative, using his agent to stand for him. As she delves deeper into the project, boundaries between dreams and reality blur, and she finds herself increasingly drawn to him and his mysterious past.

An ominous threat follows her as she works her way into bringing the Hall back to life. Is the project worth the danger she gets herself into and can she trust the people around her?

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