Snowlands Book 1 - Zak and the Wanderer

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All Fall Down

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My Story

Jay Fortune has lived all over England. He currently resides in Blackpool which embodies his love of entertainment and art. A full-time artist and writer, Jay spends his days reading, painting, writing and ‘Tourist Dodging’, cycling along the promenade whilst avoiding the holiday-makers. He loves books, art, magic, camomile tea* and cake. Jay recently celebrated his second decade of non-TV ownership. All Fall Down is his first novel. (*Or ‘Green Jasmine’ if they’re out of Camomile) www.jayfortune.co.uk



All Fall Down

Michael Hegessay, proud father, loving husband and pillar of the community is the first Floater. Without explanation a mysterious force takes him to the sky, leaving him hovering above his house.

In his hand, his briefcase containing a dirty secret that could bring his world crashing down.

As the day wears on it’s not long before the skies are full of people, each with a story to tell.

On the ground, fighting their own demons, a group of unlikely misfits come together in this explosive tale of Armageddon.

Stunningly visual, All Fall Down takes you on a journey through the lightest and darkest parts of humanity’s collective soul.

Snowlands Book 1 - Zak and the wanderer

Journey into the magical world of the Snowlands – a collection of snow-globes owned by 12-year-old Zak Power.

Along the way, you’ll learn fantastic magic tricks you can do as you follow the adventures of Zak and his friends in the infinite worlds of the Snowlands!

You’ll meet monsters, giants, friends and foes, magical beings, wizards and find out who is responsible for causing the snow to fall within the Snowlands…

In Book I, Zak awakes to find himself magically transported into the Snowlands. He soon discovers his quest and goes in search of the mysterious stranger known as the Wanderer.

This epic magical fantasy is only just beginning. If you’re young or just young-at-heart, get ready for a thrilling ride as you journey into the magic of Snowlands!


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