Victims of Circumstance

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Victims of Circumstance

To a passing stranger, Carrie is just an ordinary woman living an ordinary life… and that’s exactly the way she wants to keep it. In a sleepy little seaside town, she occupies herself day-to-day without incidents or drama, until someone comes along who threatens her private world of sorrow and regret.

A perfect summer read, touching on love after grief.

Author Bio

I started to write stories when I needed to look busy at work! My job involved sending out press releases, editing an in-house magazine and writing articles for technical journals. I found it remarkably easy but challenging; researching data from colleagues and writing to a deadline for magazines. I needed to be in the office until five thirty, but with nothing to do I began my first novel. I became hooked on the characters I had created. I was always a people-watcher, so they invented themselves from an amalgam of fellow passengers on the London Underground I travelled, or the Doctor’s surgery waiting room; anywhere where there was someone to look at and make up a life-story about.

Now that I write all the time, the work ethic of deadlines has given me the discipline to get on and write and not just to stare at a blank page (which is what authors are supposed to do in an agony of creative writing blocks.). I get up each morning wondering what my characters are going to do next, for they will sometimes react to situations in a way which is quite shockingly opposed to my own judgement and beliefs. I remain absorbed at my desk until the hunger of my small Dachshund drags me back to real life in rural Lincolnshire.

Kerrymore Road

The solid red-brick exteriors of Kerrymore Road belie the bustle of the lives within… toddlers’ tantrums, teenage rebellion, blossoming friendships and turbulent relationships… with the occasional murder thrown in for good measure.

Old Mr Kirshaw, sitting day after day in his bay window, observes the comings and goings… no tweaking of net curtains for him. His voyeurism is shameless and without malice… this is far more interesting than daytime television!

This novel looks at daily life and the social commentary on how we interact.


Generations of Blackwells have farmed this land, but its isolation has protected it from the political unrest suffered by much of England at this time. Fred Blackwell is a hard-working, hard-drinking man who rules his family with belt and fist. Even after his death, the family must endure many ordeals before finally accepting that the farm is ill-fated. They decide to leave and make a new life in the colonies.Young Thomas, however, has Blackwell blood running through his veins and returns to Cromwell’s England to pursue his desire to own Blackwell farm once more; a desire which becomes an obsession that rules his life.

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