Fantastic Disappointment

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My Story

Stephen Peace is a London born and Lincoln based business owner who specialises in developing leadership learning and high-performance cultures across various industries and sectors within the UK and overseas.

Steve’s fascination in the psychological side of performance has been gained from a near 30-year career in Finance, Human Resources and Learning & Development. This has seen Steve become a TED Talker, facilitator, executive coach and Insights psychometric practitioner with a drive and passion for developing people, teams and organisations.

I wanted to chronicle a great season of football, it was also my first year as a season ticket holder at Spurs with my dad. Great memories.



Fantastic Disappointment

From Barcelona to Bermuda, from Manchester to Miami and from White Hart Lane to Wembley.

Dive into the world of Tottenham Hotspur FC during the 1986-87 campaign which showcased revolutionary football, commercial evolution, records broken and world class footballers.

With contributions from the likes of Richard Gough, Paul Allen, and Steve Hodge to the views of Simon Mayo, Dave Peacock and the late John Motson.

There is also valuable perspective from the opposition too as players from Everton, Arsenal and Coventry recall their memories of a historic season.

David Pleat took to the helm in his first full season as manager of Spurs and has provided honest and fascinating insight into his Spurs tenure.

This book will transport you back to a place in time that was memorable for so many reasons with Spurs’ football connoisseurs at the centre of our story.

“For pure football. I’ve never played a season of football like that in my life. It was the best”.  Richard Gough | Captain of Tottenham Hotspur FC

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